Assessment and Appraisal Services

Servi Group, Inc. provides municipal tax assessment services and real property appraisal services to municipalities, businesses, individuals, and financial institutions in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Municipal Tax Assessment Services

Tax assessment involves “Mass Appraisal” in which a model is developed and applied to a district. We record real and personal property within the district, apply a fair and supportable value, and uphold state assessment statutes by applying Wisconsin Assessment Manual practices. Municipalities benefit from our professional services, offered at a lower cost than employing their own assessment staff.

Real Property Appraisal Services

Appraisal involves providing an opinion value on a single property that is defensible, understandable, and unbiased. We are experts at viewing property through the eyes of the typical buyer and continually research market data and local trends. Since the market is ever-changing, individuals benefit from our expert value opinions when making financial, estate, or tax decisions.